About Us - the story so far...

Pioneers in Livestock Pharma

In 2014 brothers Tim (38), Diederik (36) en Gijs (35) van Rijn decided to roll-up their sleeves and give up their day jobs in the corporate world to set up a livestock pharmaceutical company.

Utilising their different skills Gijs, Diederik and Tim saw an opportunity to offer an alternative in the pharmaceutical market, a revolutionary company trading in veterinary products with a clear vision- Kernfarm was born.

Kernfarm aims to:

  • Add value to the market by offering pharmaceutical solutions to veterinary practices to assist farmers in maintaining healthy livestock.
  • React quickly to changes in the market and do our best to work with clients to meet their changing needs.
  • Offer choice and the chance for customers to regain control and freedom over their purchasing decisions.

In short: better quality products, at a competitive price, delivered on-time with a professional, yet still personal service.

What do we do?

Kernfarm is very well-connected within the network of international distribution of veterinary medicines. Kernfarm utilises diverse channels to search-for and facilitate the supply of products to provide solutions to livestock veterinary challenges.

The primary role of veterinary practices is to provide prevention and cure for animal diseases. To operate effectively they require access to a broad portfolio of products, however they are often restricted by the limited choice offered by pharmaceutical companies. Even though alternative products exist, it is not always possible to know what is on offer and have the legal means or knowledge to enable product availability in a particular country. Kernfarm aims to fill this gap!

How do we do it?

Through the knowledge and use of European rules and international trading there are differing possibilities to provide support to veterinary practices.

The free-trade zone between European countries allows the import of products within European boundaries. This means that under special conditions, European registered products can be imported from other countries without the need for a land-specific registration.

Kernfarm also offers the parrallel import of products not to mention out-of-stock products. The large pharmaceutical companies maintain a lean stock which means that out-of stock products are often not available. Kernfarm uses their network to source and import products with limited availability from other countries.


How we make a difference?

We aim to make a difference to our clients, partners, suppliers, facilitating the work they do to maintain and improve the health of livestock. Here are a couple of examples of where we have gone that extra mile for our partners: –

Left to right: Diederik, Gijs & Tim van Rijn

“Quality and good practice is something we strive for both with the products and service we offer clients. We have worked hard to achieve and maintain GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) status and only work with wholesalers who also have GMP certification. Last year we were contacted by a company who wanted to do business with us but had no GMP certificate. We saw value in the partnership and offered to help them get their GMP licence so we could start working together. I will never forget the look on their face, they were delighted!’’

Gijs van Rijn, Founder and Director (Quality), Kernfarm

“At Kernfarm the Client always comes first. We try to go the extra mile to provide a second to none service. We were recently contacted by an International client who was having difficulty sourcing a specific cattle vaccine which had been discontinued by the original manufacture due to limited sales. Seems like a rational business decision to discontinue the medicine, only one important factor had been forgotten  – THE CLIENT. Vets rely on the constant supply of drugs to manage the health of animals. We found a better alternative and are now registering this product to ensure continued supply in the future

Tim van Rijn, Founder and Director (International partnerships) Kernfarm

”We aim to listen and react to the market. If we don’t have an immediate solution we search for it. If it takes some time we communicate this pro-actively and manage expectations accordingly. An example of this is the numerous requests we have had from the market for a particular salmonella cattle vaccine which was for sometime unavailable in the Netherlands. After some searching we sourced the product and are now the sole supplier in the Netherlands, ensuring a continued supply for the vet. We didn’t stop there, we are now in discussion with the manufacturer over the possibility to register the product within the Netherlands to sustain future supply”

Diederik van Rijn, Founder and Director (Business development), Kernfarm

What is our vision for the future?

Our assortment has grown in the last two years to over 150 products supplying over 200 veterinary practices across Europe.

Kernfarm’s network is growing daily. Vets, both large and small, value our way of working and the financial benefits we offer and see the work we do as of benefit to the pharmaceutical industry.

Kernfarm continues to expand their product offering and service with their own products to address new challenges in the market and bring out-of-stock products back on the shelves

“We offer customers choice and a chance to regain control and freedom over their livestock pharmaceutical purchasing decisions”

- Tim -

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