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June 9, 2022

Kernfarm at VIV Europe

A remarkable Kernfarm booth at the VIV Europe in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

A sterile and boring exhibition booth? Not when you are Kernfarm! From May 31st to June 2nd, visitors of the VIV could meet Kernfarm and the team. The VIV is the event for livestock farming and this year, after a long time, it took place in the Netherlands again. A great opportunity for Kernfarm to get in touch with the sector. Kernfarm stood out with a grass floor, hay bales all over the place and a sturdy Landrover. “Looking for a solution? Join the ride!” was the slogan. The person who spotted the most FIXR® solutions in the Kernfarm landscape, could win a professional binocular. A fun way to show what Kernfarm has to offer to help veterinarians. Many new contacts have been made, this to grow internationally and expand the product range. The team is happy with the results of the event. We did it the Kernfarmway! Curious to see more? Check our socials!

May 17, 2022

Targeting worms together!

Targeting worms together!

Kernfarm introduced Flubenmix at the British Pig and Poultry Fair in the UK.

The Kernfarm Landrover Defender drove all the way to Warwickshire (UK). After 4 years, the famous British Pig and Poultry Fair was organised again (10th and 11th of May). Visitors were introduced to Kernfarm’s Flubenmix and competed against worms in poultry and pigs. ”GIVE IT A SHOT” could be heard all day. Bags of Flubenmix were thrown into animal mouths and participants won great prizes! A nice shot of whiskey and mixed nuts (because we are not nuts) were handed out. Kernfarm is looking back on a very successful event. Like to see more photos? Check our socials.



December 15, 2021

Happy holidays!

There are adjusted order and delivery times around the holidays.

Products ordered before 12:00 (CET) on December 17th can be picked at the same day for expected delivery around the 22nd of December.

We do not ship orders between December 24th and January 2nd.

From January 3rd, we will be at your disposal again for your orders.

Are you facing a problem? Feel free to contact us on
+31 (0) 346 785 139, happycustomers@kernfarm.com or WhatsApp to +31 (0)6 32 220 087, we are happy to help you.

October 18, 2021

Work hard – play hard

We work hard at Kernfarm, but we also love the human factor.

The office is closed on Thursday and Friday the 11th and 12th of November for heaving a break with our Kernfarm team.
Monday the 15th of November we are ready again to deliver your orders!

March 16, 2020

Kernfarm is ready to attack this crisis together with you!

We realise that business is challenging in these uncertain times due to the Corona Virus Outbreak. Our operation is equipped in such a way that under the current circumstances we can still offer our esteemed clients the level of customer service that they are used to receiving from us.

Kernfarm is a relatively small and flexible player, with solid contacts at our suppliers & relevant government agencies. Due to the strength of this network we are confident we can find solutions for the challenges ahead. Small or large, we always thrive to find a suitable solution for our clients.

Are you facing a (supply) problem? Please let us know! You can reach us via: info@kernfarm.com or your usual contact person. Or feel free to Whatsapp us via: +31 (0)6 32 220 087. WE DELIVER!

Kernfarm, veterinary medicines, diergeneesmiddelen veehouderij
February 25, 2020

First symposium Kernfarm succesfull

A beautiful spring day on 5 February!

More than 80 veterinarians participated in this symposium organized by Kernfarm. At a unique and historic location, the Anatomiegebouw in Utrecht, expert speakers shared interesting and current insights of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Rotavirus and Salmonella. The symposium was accredited by the CPD with 3.5 CPD credits and with 3 accreditation points by the Accreditation Agency PE-Veterinary.

Presentations of Dr. T.J. (Tijs) Tobias (Utrecht University), Dr. ir. L.A.M.G. (Leo) van Leengoed (Utrecht University) and Prof. dr. Dr. H. (Hans) Nauwynck (Ghent University) were positively received by the participants. Under the guidance of veterinary pathologist Erik Weerts, all veterinarians were shown various lungs of pigs. The inspection and palpation of the lungs inspired participants to discuss a lot about it.


October 21, 2019

Kernfarm’s newest pride FIXR®

FIXR®, the name of Kernfarm’s new own range of registered vaccines has been launched.
This new range offers good alternative products to solve current veterinary problems experienced by the livestock farmer and veterinaire. What’s more, they are delivered by Kernfarm where the focus on quality, a personal approach and creative thinking are paramount – it’s a winning combination!

The starter portfolio consists of two new registered vaccines for the swine livestock farmer. The introduction of FIXR® Rota Coli en FIXR® APP 2,9,11 demonstrates Kernfarm’s ability to listen to the needs of the market and challenges that livestock farmers and veterinary practices are faced with on a daily basis. With this new portfolio of products, Kernfarm aims to give veterinary practices more choice and freedom when it comes to preventing illness and maintaining a healthy livestock.

FIXR® brings a new wave of innovation to the veterinary landscape asked for by the veterinaire and the livestock farmer. Their needs are also reflected in the short and personal lines of communication, transparency, quick delivery and competitive terms offered by Kernfarm.

Join our ride on yourFIXR.com

June 12, 2019

Certificate of GMP compliance!

Commissioned by the Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit (part of the Medicines Evaluation Board), Kernfarm has been inspected under the national three-year periodic program by IGJ and BD. It is considered that Kernfarm complies with the principles and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice!

The Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) carries out periodic inspections at all manufacturers of (animal) medicines in the Netherlands. During these inspections, it is assessed whether manufacturers comply with the GMP guidelines. Good Manufacturing Practice is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

Thanks to our professional and controlled procedures, you can rely on the quality of all products and services of Kernfarm!

“We are very proud that the Certificate of GMP compliance was again issued for three years. It shows that our products and services meet the set quality requirements and recognizes the commitment of all our employees involved “(Gijs van Rijn, director).

Download the Certificate of GMP compliance

February 19, 2019

Kernfarm answers high demand for bluetongue virus vaccine

There is a large demand from German and Belgium veterinarians for the bluetongue virus vaccine. Kernfarm has sufficient Bluevac BTV8 , suspension for injection for sheep and cattle.

Packaging: 252ml

Product sheet: click here

This product contains REG-BE.

If you want to order or more information, please contact us via info@kernfarm.com or +31 (0) 346 785 139.

June 7, 2018

Kernfarm eyes vaccine portfolios – Animal Pharm News

Kernfarm eyes vaccine portfolios, strategic partnerships to become leading provider 


In 2017, Kernfarm was named the number one fastest-growing company in the Netherlands. With a portfolio of 150 animal health products and over 250 clients across Europe, the start-up spoke to Animal Pharm analyst Sian Lazell about tackling the needs of livestock veterinarians and its future plans for growth.

Based in Utrecht, good manufacturing practices-certified animal health company Kernfarm is working to expand its capability as a leading provider of livestock medicines.

The name Kernfarm translates literally as ‘core farm’, reflecting the business’ aim to become the go-to provider for livestock medicines.

The firm’s portfolio is a mix of its own-brand products and those from the animal health industry’s big pharma companies. Over the last four years, it has used its strong connection to veterinary clinics across Europe to identify unmet needs in the livestock market and deliver solutions.

Kernfarm has a two-way approach – not only does its stock products from the big players, it also locates products with good market viability and registers them under the Kernfarm brand in new territories where they are needed.

The company was established by three brothers: Tim van Rijn, Gijs van Rijn and Diederik van Rijn, all of whom are directors of the company. Collectively, they bring together backgrounds in agricultural management and animal health, innovation management, as well as business and finance.

Most of the products stocked by Kernfarm at present are registered by other businesses but the firm has two undisclosed products of its own in development and is currently working to launch another under the Kernfarm brand.

This branded product is Trichoben, which is a vaccine for the prevention and therapeutic treatment of the fungal skin disease trichophytosis in cattle and can be administered from one day of age. Kernfarm is launching the product in the Netherlands and Belgium at present.

Tim van Rijn said: “It’s fair to say the livestock sector in is a thriving market but one heavily dominated by a few large pharma companies and many regulations.

“These factors are not making it easy for newcomers to enter but once they can get in, there is a good opportunity to bring new products to larger markets.”

Kernfarm has used Diederik van Rijn’s background in veterinary pharma and agribusiness management to build strong connections with over 250 veterinary practices, to find out what vets need in different areas.

Tim van Rijn explained: “We usually create collaborations with pharma companies outside of the Netherlands. Then, if it is feasible to get their products registered in another country where they are needed, we facilitate that.”

Kernfarm also prides itself on being able to source products for vets that are low in stock elsewhere. It credits this ability to its good overview of the EU market in general and its strong connections to different sized pharma firms.

Tim van Rijn said: “As long as there are stock issues, which are getting more frequent, this business model is quite sustainable. There has been a lot of acquisition and optimization of manufacturing from bigger firms. Manufacturing – especially for vaccines – is so complex that supply challenges occur often. The bigger companies also see problems with stock allocation on the market.”

Jo Weston, marketing and communications manager at the firm, added: “As a small company we are able to adapt to a changing market and we don’t work with fixed supply numbers.”

Outlook for growth

Kernfarm was established four years ago and now has a workforce of 12 people. In the next five years, the company is aiming to see 80% of its turnover represented by its own brand products.

Although the firm is currently focused on the livestock space, it has not ruled out looking at the companion animal market in the future.

Kernfarm provides a range of products but it has a particular interest in vaccines and plans to focus investment on the acquisition of vaccine dossiers over the next few years.

The company told Animal Pharm: “It is very much our goal to be a partner of both big and small companies in the industry.”


March 26, 2018

Top tips for smallholders to eradicate worms

Poultry worms can cause weight loss, diarrhoea, reduced productivity, anaemia, and even – in serious cases – death. Yet many smallholders are unaware of the need to treat their poultry regularly with a medicated wormer to tackle these pernicious parasites. So what do they need to know?

According to Diederik van Rijn, founder of veterinary pharmaceutical firm Kernfarm, there are four main types of worms to look out for:

  • Round worms (Ascaridia Galli), which are white and 5 to 8cm long. These are the most common worm and live in the middle intestine, causing gut damage, blockage, and inflammation. Symptoms include diarrhoea, weight loss and pale, anaemic combs and reduced egg production.
  • Hair worms (Capillaria) are small and barely visible to the naked eye. These worms live in the upper digestive system and cause appetite loss, weight loss, diarrhoea and dull or depressed birds.
  • Caecal worms (Hetarakis Gallinarum) live in the caeca of the gut and don’t cause any particular problem on their own bar yellow droppings. However, they carry another parasite; Histomonas, which in turn can cause Blackhead, and leads to increased mortality in a flock due to liver damage.
  • Gape worm (Syngamus trachea) are perhaps the most recognisable but least common worms. They live in the trachea and cause gasping, head shaking and respiratory issues.

“All birds are likely to get worms at some point – but quite often smallholders aren’t aware of the risks,” explains Sophie Wilkinson, veterinary adviser at VioVet. As well as the immediate damage caused by the intestinal parasites, they can also lead to secondary infections as bacteria can pass through the gut wall more easily. Producers may also see an increase in vent pecking as well as reduced egg productivity and shell quality.
Practical measures

Worm eggs thrive in wet, warm, muddy areas, and they cannot develop when it is very dry, below 10˚C or above 35˚C. They are also destroyed by ultra-violet light from the sun, so there are practical changes producers can make to reduce the worm pressure, says Ms Wilkinson.

“Clean out coops regularly with disinfectant, and keep the bedding clean and dry. Also, move the run around onto fresh grass if possible.” Keep the grass short to maximise exposure to the sun, and try to remove muddy areas by creating hard standing or using free draining gravel.


Even with these measures, poultry are still likely to pick up internal parasites, so it’s important to check them regularly. This means taking a faecal sample and sending it off to identify the number and type of worms present. “Do this every three months, and if there is an issue treat the birds with a medicated wormer,” she explains. “If there is a high worm burden I’d treat them again three weeks later.”

Many smallholders like to use herbal products to boost bird health, but these are not proven to work against worms, she adds. “A licensed, medicated wormer must be clinically proven to work – and until recently there was only one anthelmintic recommended for use in poultry.”

A cost-effective alternative

However, there is now a second choice, which means medical treatment does not have to be too costly. The new wormer – Flubendazole 1% – is medically exactly the same as the existing market leader, but is considerably cheaper, saving poultry keepers up to 25% in price. “Using a medically proven wormer is the only way to effectively treat infected birds,” explains Mr van Rijn.

Made specifically for small holders of chickens, geese and turkeys, this anthelmintic is effective against gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm. Activity includes adult worms, larvae and eggs – targeting the whole worm life cycle.

Given in feed, it is easy to administer, and there is no egg withdrawal period, so eggs can still be eaten during the treatment, he adds. “Everyone wants their birds to be healthy and productive, and they can now ensure that without breaking the bank.”

  • For further information please contact your current supplier or email joweston@kernfarm.com.





February 6, 2018

Save money and boost bird health with new wormer

Poultry smallholders could save up to 25% – and boost bird health and productivity – by using a new medicated wormer to tackle internal parasites.

Kernfarm, veterinary medicines, diergeneesmiddelen veehouderij

“Historically, smallholders have faced a decision between treating poultry with a relatively costly medicated wormer, using preventative herbal products which don’t kill worms, or just leaving them untreated in the hope that they don’t get sick,” explains Diederik van Rijn, founder at Kernfarm, which manufactures the new product. “Now, they can use a tested and licensed medicated wormer at a fraction of the price – it’s a win-win.”

Chickens, geese and turkeys are affected by several species of parasitic worms, which can lead to a variety of health problems. “Whether you have free-range or housed poultry, worm burdens can quickly build up if left untreated,” explains vet John Kenyon from St David’s Poultry Team. Common worms include roundworms, hairworms, and caecal worms – which can cause the fatal disease Blackhead.

Symptoms of worm infections include poor weight gain, reduced egg quality, anaemic birds with pale combs, increased vent pecking, egg peritonitis, and in heavy infestations, death. “For this reason it is important to regularly worm your flock, every 3–4 months,” says Mr Keynon. “We recommend worming with products that are specifically licensed for use in poultry as these have been proven under strict testing conditions to be effective against the species of worms found in poultry. You can even continue to eat the eggs your birds lay during the treatment.”

The new wormer – Flubendazole 1% – is medically exactly the same as the existing market leader Flubenvet 1%, but is considerably cheaper, saving poultry keepers up to 25% in price. Made specifically for chickens, geese and turkeys, it is effective against gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm. Activity includes adult worms, larvae and eggs – targeting the whole worm life cycle.

“Poultry keepers can ask for Flubendazole 1% from their vet or wholesaler,” says Mr Van Rijn. “When it comes to bird health and productivity, only the best will do – but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.”


Flubendazole 1% product leaflet
December 19, 2017

New Flubenvet 1% alternative available from 1st January 2018

Flubendazole 1% the Kernfarm branded alternative to Flubenvet 1% will be available in the UK from the 1st January 2017.

The medical composition of Flubendazole is exactly the same as Flubenvet, only the name is different and the packaging and price are more attractive!

Switching to Flubendazole will offer significant savings

Made for small holders of chickens, geese and turkeys, the medicated Premixture is effective against gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm. Activity includes adult worms, larvae and eggs.

The product will be available from 1 January 2018


See our website for further information https://www.kernfarm.com/category/poultry/

Press Contact:

Jo Weston – Marketing and Communications Manager

+31 (0) 647419760   joweston@kernfarm.com

December 15, 2017

Kernfarm, No. 1 fastest growing start-up NL looks forward to first product launch in 2018

15 Dec 2017

In the aftermath of last nights’ FD gazellen awards, where Kernfarm went on to win the National #1 position as fastest growing start-up, the van Rijn brothers look ahead to 2018 and the launch of their first Kernfarm branded products.

Speaking on BNR Radio this morning, Diederik van Rijn one of the company founders said: ‘’ We are working hard to offer a choice of products alongside a high level of service to veterinarians across Europe. The team are excited about introducing our first product, a ruminant vaccine, early in 2018 and building the Kernfarm portfolio. Watch this space!’’

Kernfarm has sucessfully built a unique innovative business model within a traditional market – opening up the trade in pharmaceuticals for livestock across Europe. This is valued by veterinary practices and wholesalers, whom in recent years, have experienced a loss of power and freedom of choice partly due to the acquisition of pharmaceutical companies, widening the distance between supplier and vet. Kernfarm endeavours to bring that personal touch back by listening to the needs of vets and offering tailor-made solutions. From innovative trading initiatives to new product registrations for smaller market or out of stock products.


Background information Kernfarm:

Kernfarm is a family pharmaceutical company, set up in 2014 in the Netherlands by three brothers – Tim, Diederik and Gijs van Rijn. Kernfarm partners with large and small livestock pharmaceuticals, wholesalers and veterinary practices across Europe supplying pharmaceutical products to support the farmer to improve livestock welfare. Kernfarm has made a flying start and through strong international trading network has created a position for itself in the market, traditionally dominated by a few large players. In the last two years their assortment has grown to more than 100 products delivered to 150+ veterinary practices within Europe.

Press Contact:

For photos and further information please contact:

Jo Weston, Marketing Manager

+31 (0) 647419760   joweston@kernfarm.com

Contact Kernfarm: www.kernfarm.com /info@kernfarm.com/ +31 (0) 346785139

October 19, 2017

Kernfarm one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

Kernfarm has been nominated for the ‘FD Gazellen awards’, the yearly growth competition held by the Dutch ”Financial Daily Times’ for the fastest growing Entrepreneurial businesses in the Netherlands.

Tim van Rijn, Director and founder of Kernfarm said; “We are very proud to be given gazelle status and to be nominated for this award. In the last three years we have worked hard to grow the business by sourcing good, innovative solutions for veterinary practices in the Netherlands and Europe”.

Kernfarm assists veterinary practices in searching for medical solutions to solve veterinary problems in farm animals through the application of European regulations and internation trade.

In its first years of trading Kernfarm has made a flying start. Knowledge of the market and international trade regulations has allowed the company to develop a strong position in a market traditionally dominated by a few big players. In a space of two years the product assortment has grown to more than 100 products which are delivered to more than 150 veterinary practices across Europe.

Contact: www.kernfarm.com


Press Contact:

Jo Weston – Marketing and Communications Manager



October 10, 2017

Kernfarm welcomes UK journalists to Netherlands to discuss ABC challenges

Kernfarm were proud to be part of a UK press trip to the Netherlands to address the role of antibiotics in the industry to optimise livestock health.

Key journalists from the livestock and agricultural press were present including the farming, pig and poultry press.

Tim van Rijn, Director at Kernfarm “It was great to be able to personally show the journalists how far we’ve come as a nation in addressing antibiotic reduction and what inspiration that offers other countries, all seeking to improve the production of healthy livestock ”

For press enquiries contact joweston@kernfarm.com

September 19, 2017

UK looks to the Netherlands to provide innovative livestock pharma solutions

UK vets and wholesalers partner with Kernfarm to access European market

Just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, there’s a new company called Kernfarm that is quietly developing solutions to address and assist with livestock pharma challenges facing veterinary practices and wholesalers across the UK.

Kernfarm has been operating for over three years in the UK and now works with over 50 practices in the UK to address problems in supply of pharmaceutical medicines.

Strategically situated in the Netherlands, a country which sets to become the European hub for the pharma world, Kernfarm has a good network of regulatory and pharma contacts across Europe allowing it to source better quality products, at a competitive price supported by a personal and efficient service. This includes products which are out of stock or have limited availability in the UK.

“We are open and flexible and therefore able to meet the diverse and changing needs in the UK market so that customers can regain control and freedom over their purchasing decisions” says Diederik van Rijn.

“UK companies approach us to help search for solutions and we do our best to think creatively and search within our network. In doing so we strive to establish a trusted and long-term relationship”

Kernfarm is currently working on developing a portfolio of innovative products including the registration of new vaccines and alternative solutions to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve animal welfare.

With growing customer base in the UK, Kernfarm is flexible and open to work with new partners to develop new opportunities and solve some of the challenges facing todays vet and farmer.

Contact Kernfarm: www.kernfarm.com /info@kernfarm.com/ +31 (0) 346785139

July 17, 2017

Kernfarm penetrates pharmaceutical market, Veearts magazine June 2017

In a market where established pharmaceutical companies are merging, not out of luxury but out of the necessity to improve efficiency, Kernfarm spotted a gap in the market. This new pharmaceutical wholesaler is slowly broadening its distribution of livestock medicines.

View full article (EN)
May 18, 2017

Kernfarm takes part in industry panel about ”disruptive innovation in Livestock pharma”

Kernfarms’ Diederik van Rijn was proud to represent the company at the F&A Innovation in Agriculture and food event in Wageningen today (18-05-17).

Diederik was on a panel with 4 other panelists to discuss innovative solutions disrupting current industry practices and services in livestock farming.

“It was great to be part of a event which brings together start-ups to network, share ideas and inspire each other” Diederik van Rijn, Director Kernfarm.

Diederik van Rijn (far left photo).

March 27, 2017

Kernfarm new product catalog online

Kernfarm has a growing portfolio of 80+ products and are acquiring new products all the time.

A selection of our products are now listed online for viewing and further information: –


If you can’t find what you are looking for pick up the phone and give us a call on +31 (0) 346785139 or email happycustomers@kernfarm.com

January 16, 2017

New Kernfarm Brochure!

Kernfarm are proud to present their new company brochure.

Take a look.

Kernfarm 2017 brochure click here

“We strive to continually improve the product portfolio
and service Kernfarm offers”

- Diederik -