February 25, 2020

First symposium Kernfarm succesfull

A beautiful spring day on 5 February!

More than 80 veterinarians participated in this symposium organized by Kernfarm. At a unique and historic location, the Anatomiegebouw in Utrecht, expert speakers shared interesting and current insights of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Rotavirus and Salmonella. The symposium was accredited by the CPD with 3.5 CPD credits and with 3 accreditation points by the Accreditation Agency PE-Veterinary.

Presentations of Dr. T.J. (Tijs) Tobias (Utrecht University), Dr. ir. L.A.M.G. (Leo) van Leengoed (Utrecht University) and Prof. dr. Dr. H. (Hans) Nauwynck (Ghent University) were positively received by the participants. Under the guidance of veterinary pathologist Erik Weerts, all veterinarians were shown various lungs of pigs. The inspection and palpation of the lungs inspired participants to discuss a lot about it.