December 15, 2017

Kernfarm, No. 1 fastest growing start-up NL looks forward to first product launch in 2018

15 Dec 2017

In the aftermath of last nights’ FD gazellen awards, where Kernfarm went on to win the National #1 position as fastest growing start-up, the van Rijn brothers look ahead to 2018 and the launch of their first Kernfarm branded products.

Speaking on BNR Radio this morning, Diederik van Rijn one of the company founders said: ‘’ We are working hard to offer a choice of products alongside a high level of service to veterinarians across Europe. The team are excited about introducing our first product, a ruminant vaccine, early in 2018 and building the Kernfarm portfolio. Watch this space!’’

Kernfarm has sucessfully built a unique innovative business model within a traditional market – opening up the trade in pharmaceuticals for livestock across Europe. This is valued by veterinary practices and wholesalers, whom in recent years, have experienced a loss of power and freedom of choice partly due to the acquisition of pharmaceutical companies, widening the distance between supplier and vet. Kernfarm endeavours to bring that personal touch back by listening to the needs of vets and offering tailor-made solutions. From innovative trading initiatives to new product registrations for smaller market or out of stock products.


Background information Kernfarm:

Kernfarm is a family pharmaceutical company, set up in 2014 in the Netherlands by three brothers – Tim, Diederik and Gijs van Rijn. Kernfarm partners with large and small livestock pharmaceuticals, wholesalers and veterinary practices across Europe supplying pharmaceutical products to support the farmer to improve livestock welfare. Kernfarm has made a flying start and through strong international trading network has created a position for itself in the market, traditionally dominated by a few large players. In the last two years their assortment has grown to more than 100 products delivered to 150+ veterinary practices within Europe.

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