October 21, 2019

Kernfarm’s newest pride FIXR®

FIXR®, the name of Kernfarm’s new own range of registered vaccines has been launched.
This new range offers good alternative products to solve current veterinary problems experienced by the livestock farmer and veterinaire. What’s more, they are delivered by Kernfarm where the focus on quality, a personal approach and creative thinking are paramount – it’s a winning combination!

The starter portfolio consists of two new registered vaccines for the swine livestock farmer. The introduction of FIXR® Rota Coli en FIXR® APP 2,9,11 demonstrates Kernfarm’s ability to listen to the needs of the market and challenges that livestock farmers and veterinary practices are faced with on a daily basis. With this new portfolio of products, Kernfarm aims to give veterinary practices more choice and freedom when it comes to preventing illness and maintaining a healthy livestock.

FIXR® brings a new wave of innovation to the veterinary landscape asked for by the veterinaire and the livestock farmer. Their needs are also reflected in the short and personal lines of communication, transparency, quick delivery and competitive terms offered by Kernfarm.

Join our ride on yourFIXR.com