September 19, 2017

UK looks to the Netherlands to provide innovative livestock pharma solutions

UK vets and wholesalers partner with Kernfarm to access European market

Just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, there’s a new company called Kernfarm that is quietly developing solutions to address and assist with livestock pharma challenges facing veterinary practices and wholesalers across the UK.

Kernfarm has been operating for over three years in the UK and now works with over 50 practices in the UK to address problems in supply of pharmaceutical medicines.

Strategically situated in the Netherlands, a country which sets to become the European hub for the pharma world, Kernfarm has a good network of regulatory and pharma contacts across Europe allowing it to source better quality products, at a competitive price supported by a personal and efficient service. This includes products which are out of stock or have limited availability in the UK.

“We are open and flexible and therefore able to meet the diverse and changing needs in the UK market so that customers can regain control and freedom over their purchasing decisions” says Diederik van Rijn.

“UK companies approach us to help search for solutions and we do our best to think creatively and search within our network. In doing so we strive to establish a trusted and long-term relationship”

Kernfarm is currently working on developing a portfolio of innovative products including the registration of new vaccines and alternative solutions to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve animal welfare.

With growing customer base in the UK, Kernfarm is flexible and open to work with new partners to develop new opportunities and solve some of the challenges facing todays vet and farmer.

Contact Kernfarm: / +31 (0) 346785139