Our strengths

We strive for flexibility, reliability and quality in the products and service we offer our customers. We aim to offer a personal service from start to finish in which ‘managing expectations’ plays a vital role.

To complement our internal expertise we have access to, and work with, a network of external regulatory, government contacts and experts within the livestock pharmaceutical world.

Flexibility – made to measure

Kernfarm has a ‘CAN DO’ attitude. We do not operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis and are able to offer tailor-made solutions to client-driven challenges. We are truly customer driven not quantity driven. Our international network coupled with our flexibility enables us to respond swiftly and effectively to client needs and market demands.

Reliability – top customer service

“On the dot delivery” “Excellent service” “I give Kernfarm 9.5/10’’are some of the words which have been used to endorse the service offered by Kernfarm.

We prefer to work on a partnership basis with our customers and in doing so we offer a personal and professional service which the large pharmaceuticals seem to have challenges with. No order is too big or too small. We are driven not just to meet but to exceed customer expectations. If we promise something, we deliver on it. Our goals is to supply solutions within a quick timeframe, yet never jeopardizing the strict GMP regulations.

Quality is key

We work with experts in the field to create an environment that is of benefit to our customers. That often means working with officials at government level to advise on, or even change regulatory policies. Our customers benefit from our network of contacts and relationships with key regulatory bodies within the livestock pharmaceutical world.

Kernfarm is GMP compliant and has a veterinary wholesaler licence to practice as a livestock veterinary wholesaler. Good manufacturing practice or “GMP” is essential for manufacturing any pharmaceutical product. GMP covers everything from the production process to other aspects such as how complaints are handled and record keeping.

"We offer tailor-made solutions to client-driven challenges”

- Diederik -

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